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My wonderful husband, Mark. He's my biggest cheerleader and I couldn't have started this journey without him.

My wonderful husband, Mark. He’s my biggest cheerleader and I couldn’t have started this journey without him.


Home Grown Italian Girl – 100% is as good as it gets, as far as I’m concerned.  Life was good until I hit the wall – read on…

Moving back to my family’s native Italy was the logical answer to healthy eating, but not very practical for this Connecticut wife, second generation Italian daughter, mother of four and a Bassett Hound.

My name is Mary Genovesi and my story may be pretty typical.  I hadn’t felt well in years, like 10 years, no kidding.  Exhausted 80% of my day, with no diagnosis – I started the hunt for my repair.

I was a huge exercise enthusiast.  We’re talking spin class mornings and kick boxing nights.  I was in great shape and full of energy…until one morning, I began my downhill battle.  My first stop was a women’s clinic in Maine, learning my adrenal glands weren’t functioning properly.  I was low in progesterone and estrogen and had a huge vitamin deficiency.  Add to that, my circulation was shot and staying asleep at night was a luxury.  I started a hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).  I felt, somewhat, human again.  It didn’t last very long, until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto immune disease where my thyroid was attacking itself. Great, right?  I lived like this for over 8 years – weight fluctuating, feeling awful, food – not my friend anymore – and I used to eat whatever I wanted.  Add insult to injury, I developed OsteoArthritis and Fibromyalgia – yes…constant pain.  I wasn’t a happy camper!

I found a registered dietician, Ellen Metzger from Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Ellen specializes in food sensitivities.  She read my lengthy email and came up with a plan.  She asked me to eat clean for 2-3 weeks – no gluten, sugar or yeast.  She had her suspicions!  Note:  my Celiac test came back negative. After 3 weeks, I had lost 12 pounds (wasn’t trying) but the best part – I found me again.  Pain almost gone, I woke up fresh again, and my mood was awesome.  Needless to say, I was sold.  Through this working plan, I came to realize that the flour used in Italy isn’t processed like ours in the USA.  It didn’t effect me.  The yeast really didn’t effect me, either.  I found the flour my family in Italy uses and replaced my own with it.  Knowing my sensitivities, I try and eat little of those things that bother me, but it was great to find an alternative for those times I cooked with flour.

I consider myself a foodie.  I love to cook and I love to eat.  Being raised on traditional old world Italian food…what was I to do?

I’m doing it.  This blog will treat you all to my family’s old style Italian cooking and recipes I collect through my travels in Italy from the beautiful people that have shared their stories with me.  Growing up we didn’t always eat meat, so Vegetarians will enjoy this site, as well. I’m a huge proponent of eating local, organic and seasonal food, when at all possible.

Thank you for following me – I hope you enjoy my cooking, my Italy travels and my photos of my family.

Buona Giornata!




  1. Claudia says:

    I am looking forward to reading all about how we Italian girls move from feasting on the wrong stuff to making it the right stuff! And I look forward to meeting Ellen Metzger.

    Good for you, Zing!

    • GenoFeasting says:

      Hey Claudia! Welcome! Isn’t it awful that our ancestors could enjoy the wonderful wheat they grow in Italy and we’ve had it yanked out from under us? Queenie would think this is all hogwash!!! HA! But ya can’t deny feeling like a new person without it! Thanks for posting.

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