It’s Barbecue Time – Pass the Roasted Peppers

I hope everyone’s Memorial Day weekend is marvelous.  I haven’t had time to do a lot of cooking this week since it’s beach and BBQ time.  With that being said, the most wonderful thing I remember as a child and still do today is roast peppers on the grill for a wonderful, fresh pepper that goes with just about everything on the grill.  Back in the day, we would throw the whole pepper in an open fire get it charred, put it immediately in a brown paper bag to sweat.  This helped the skins slide off.  We would de-seed them and lay the little jewels on a platter (PLEASE don’t rinse them) drizzle with olive oil, fresh sliced garlic and a little salt and you had a topping for anything grilled.  For something quick, I light the grill – but when we have a fire going in the fire pit, I toss them in.

TRY IT – No need to buy them in the jar!

IMG_1132 IMG_1135

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